Hi, I’m Liz, as a counsellor, coach, facilitator and certified Body Trust® provider candidate, my passion is walking alongside people as they tap into their creative, intuitive and playful parts of themselves connecting to their inner wisdom and moving beyond the stories of how life ‘should’ be.

Living life from the inside out, being guided by our values, what matters to us and what brings us joy truly empowers us to live a life according to who we are.

We have our own versions, our stories, our preferred ways of being.  These sometimes get lost or squashed in the momentum of fast living, experiencing life events, trying to do the ‘right’ thing and often results in us having an unkind relationship with ourselves.  You deserve to feel good about who you are, and to explore what it means to be embodied. You can read more about embodiment by clicking here.

I work from a weight-inclusive philosophy, so people of all sizes are welcome and celebrated! I specialize in working with people who may have body image, disordered eating, work issues, depression, anxiety, panic/stress, grief, and/or an eating disorder.

Congratulations on being curious about what is possible for you.  It just takes one small step at a time and if you are reading this you are already on your way.  I would love to walk alongside you for this part of your journey.


Embodiment – What does it mean?

I am so grateful for Body Trust® and Be Nourished.org which is radical in its approach only because it is about truth and justice and the reality of who we are.  How can that be radical? If it means having better relationships with ourselves, our bodies, food and each other, then bring it on.  You and I, all of us are worthy of that and what a far better world it will be to live in.  You only need to start with you. There is a whole community that is growing world wide.

Body Trust® – Embodiment

Body Trust® - Embodiment means experiencing all feelings. There has continued to be terrible tragedies as in the recent Florida incident, tornado's that have devastated so many people's lives and more.  There are also many wonderful things that happen too.  However,...

Body Trust® Work – The Happiness Trap Myths

I want people to know that they are NOT failures.  We have all been trying to negotiate this project of life and my goodness the discontentment we feel in our bodies is a testament to who we are, constantly trying to make sense of life and trying to have a better experience of who we are and for some of us we developed coping mechanisms that were so painful and contributed to loss of connection, embodiment and as for the diet industry who cultivates this sense of failure.  How is it possible that it is a billion dollar business when really they should be out of work if they were successful!I 

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