Hi, I’m Liz, as a counsellor, certified Body Trust® provider , coach, workshop facilitator and professional supervisor, my passion is walking alongside people as they tap into their intuitive selves connecting to inner wisdom and moving beyond the stories of how life ‘should’ be.

I work with people who experience grief, depression, anxiety, panic/stress, overwhelm and who may feel lost. I walk alongside others who experience gender diverse and who are transgender/third gender. Please see Work with Liz – Counselling

I work with adults and youth who experience disordered eating: Binge Eating Disorder (BED), compulsive overeating, chronic dieting and/or challenges with body image/body acceptance.  I support people who are ready to heal their relationship with food and their body.  People who are ready to leave the diet culture behind, who want to reclaim the world of ‘normal’ eating. Please see Work with Liz – Body Trust® Coaching. 

If you are not ready YET for this and struggling with anorexia, bulimia,  I can connect you with other therapists.


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – Gardening

Some of our plants grew a lot, so we needed to prune to make space for them to continue to flourish.  Some needed pruning because they were dying or damaged and had not been tended to earlier.

Values and Boundaries – Concentric Kindness

When I uphold these values for my inner boundaries as well as my outer boundaries then I can continue to live this rich and full meaningful life.  This is not a pretty process and it hurts like hell.  In the pain though now there is healing to liberation, true liberation.  I get it now, versus suffering. 

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – A values led Life

These are the times that ACT reminds me to accept what cannot be changed, change what can and have the knowledge to know the difference. Using mindfulness allows thoughts to pass, it has been really hard at this time and I have lost count yesterday of how many times I did this, but I did, I really did not want to be with the uncomfortable feelings, hence the distraction tactics above but needed to  be with real feelings and then continually come back to what I was doing, back to my values. 

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