Hi, I’m Liz, as a counsellor, coach and facilitator my passion is walking alongside people as they tap into their creative, intuitive and playful parts of themselves connecting to their inner wisdom and moving beyond the stories of how life ‘should’ be.

Living life from the inside out, being guided by our values, what matters to us and what brings us joy truly empowers us to live a life according to who we are.

We have our own versions, our stories, our preferred ways of being.  These sometimes get lost or squashed in the momentum of fast living, experiencing life events, trying to do the ‘right’ thing and often results in us having an unkind relationship with ourselves.  You deserve to feel good about who you are.

Congratulations on being curious about what is possible for you.  It just takes one small step at a time and if you are reading this you are already on your way.  I would love to walk alongside you for this part of your journey.


Body Trust Intuition

Going into 2018 with a reminder that ultimately the more we learn to develop the relationship with ourselves and our body the more we will experience the whole range of emotions and contentment. 

Road Trip Returned Body Trust

We constantly get fed by media, diet industry that what we are doing is wrong and we have to diet to attain some kind of body shape, size. We have so much evidence that diets do not work long term and change your body’s physiology and there is another way through. Body Trust. Ultimately it is about tapping back into our intuitive self, connecting with our bodies and being guided by the inner signals.

Road Trip – Body Trust – Gratitude

Road Trip - Body Trust - Gratitude I am so fortunate to be attending the Be Nourished Body Trust Providers Certification Program which continues for 6 months.  I am looking forward to writing many future blogs about Body Trust - intuitive eating, health at any size....

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