I havent got time.  I often hear.  Play, love it not one of my priorities.  I cannot tell you how important these aspects are in our lives, not just because it feels good but for our emotional, physical and psychological health and wellbeing.  As a counsellor I see many people where this aspect is one of the last considerations of their lives.

Yet when you ask curious questions around what makes people smile, laugh, feel good it is mostly connects to something that involves an inner experience of ourselves. We feel something different, it has changed a moment in a very simple way and yet all we are really talking about is use of playful energy. Even if we tap into this playful energy once a day for even 2 minutes it has power to rewire us to see things through a different lens.

Often in the counselling conversation people can find it hard to think of moments that involve play.  It can feel too ‘happy’ or may take too much energy when a person does not feel that way but here’s the thing waiting until you are in the mood or waiting for the right moment to feel like play may not come for a very long time.  Have you ever done something and not really been looking forward to it and then it turns out you really enjoyed it.  Mind over matter!  We have all been there.

I would suggest making a list of perhaps 5 things you can tap into that are easy to access and playful, so there are ready when you find it hard to think of something:

There are so many things to choose from.  Recruit a friend to play.  I promise you the more you do this the more you will reconnect with you.  Enjoy

From a curious playful Liz