I love my image of the arrow following my heart and tapping into the magic.

I have had many arrows over the years and they have been full of goals, visions, outcomes I wanted to attain. They became more and more about how I wanted to experience myself as I achieved what I wanted, well mostly.

I am living my dream and whilst I am a life long learner as long as I continue to tap into my values, what matters to me, be focused and pay attention to the whole of me, balance wellbeing, passion, then I love where ever my arrow now goes and have choices of what I let go of, accept and pick up. Great reminder.

This image came up for me and some how holds a gentle focus of where I am heading and some how also continue to something bigger than I.

How do you want to experience yourself in the next 6 months? What is one thing you would need to let go of to do this? What is one thing to keep hold of? What is one new thing that you could start doing?

Enjoy from a satisfied and grateful Liz