No more Smashbooking Journal on line – No more editing
I came to a realisation the other week about my smashbooking journals.  I am a pretty honest person and as we were exploring more and more in the journals I noticed that I was uncovering more about myself and felt vulnerable about that at times and realised that in my posting on line I have been editing myself before I have even allowed myself to fully explore me.  I hope this makes sense.

I also had not appreciated that I was limiting my smashbooking creative aspects too as I was holding that I wanted to have a picture on my blog that was acceptable and when I had images that were perhaps not so pretty I would use collage which is great, love, love collage but then I was attached to the end product.

Isn’t it funny when we get aha moments that are quite profound!  I really did not know this so because of this I will no longer be posting smashbooking journals.

It also had me wonder about how we ‘edit’ ourselves in many different ways in our daily lives.  As a counsellor I come across people all the time who may be attending because they have edited themselves so much that they don’t know who they are and some aspects of life is not serving them.

I must admit I have been there too.

In what ways do you ‘edit’ yourself to be liked, to belong to a group that does not really serve you, where you are not really feeling confident in who you are, good about who you are.  Just notice how incredible you are in trying to meet your inate need and see what happens.

In authenticity and messy journalling