What’s wrong with me? Nothing! Learning to trust yourself.  As a counsellor, coach and facilitator sometimes teacher I often hear but what’s wrong with me?  The look on people’s faces when I say nothing!  As a narrative therapist and a fellow journeyer I get that the problem is the problem not the person.

We get shaped by so many ideas of how we ‘should’ be and what ‘should’ happen that it becomes so confusing.  We seek to do the right thing by others, being guided by outside of ourselves and this pattern can begin so early on in childhood from our parents, teachers, friends, movies, stories, media that we believe certain things because so many other people do.

However when you start to have more compassion for yourself, start listening to yourself, you start to realise that the inner conflict you are experiencing is because what is experienced on the inside does not fit with outside and we get confused thinking that we must be doing something wrong when in fact often the feelings are because we are tapping into what is right for us. We then can learn to trust ourselves.

I know that sounds confusing and can be a little left field for some of us.  I would love to invite you to just ponder that notion now and again.

I hope you enjoy this 16.45 minutes.
The courage to trust yourself…listen to the nudges | Jo Simpson | TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh

Listening to the nudges