Body Trust.  I have been working in the field of body work for a while personally, as a counselor, coach and facilitator. I am excited with the most recent research revealing how nutrition impacts on our brains, body through many aspects including hormones, insulin, mood etc.  There are more approaches including compassion, tools towards body trust, real tangible tools.

In my practice I continually meet people who have been on diets, ‘doing the right thing’, lose weight put even more back on.  This can continue year after year.  People dont give up and blame themselves for still having a problem, believing that changing the body shape, size will bring them the ‘whole’ feeling that really can only come from our core, from inside of us.  I want to acknowledge your tenacity to keep going to make yourself feel better.  Body trust is the only way we stop the ‘tyranny of food’.

Diets Don’t Work

This video by Linda Bacon tells us why diets dont work.  It is worth watching.  Diets Don’t Work 6.17 mins.

I am lucky to be going to Portland in October to start the training to be a Be Nourished Provider. They have been working for quite some time in an approach that develops body trust, intuitive eating, weight neutral life and much more.  They stand for dignity and respect of all people no matter what shape and size.

There will be lots more to come over the next few months but for now I would love to share one of their articles to start bringing in this notion on these pages. Weighting By Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant.

The notion of body trust is that you start to learn how to eat more intuitively.  The place to start to to honor that you have been on quite a journey and so have many of us. Media, businesses, commerce, stories reinforce ways of continuing to hurt our body’s and takes us away from body trust. It does not have to be like this.  It is a hard journey but you are doing hard anyway.   It might as well be for freedom.

With a gratitude for what my body has endured and how she is my most reliable GPS and in compassion for us all – Liz