I once thought that I used to live my life to the fullest but that meant I was mainly working long hours. I was ‘successful’ on the outside but did not feel fulfilled and content within. Through my life’s journey and, especially my training and experience in counselling, coaching, creative therapies, and occupational therapy modalities for nearly 30 years, I learned that it IS possible to feel fulfilled and experience a rich and full life that was meaningful to me.  Living life from the inside out, experiencing all emotion, comfort and discomfort.  I developed a loving and respectful relationship with myself.

In May 2016, I began a new training to become a certified Body Trust® Provider. This has continued to develop my understanding of embodiment and living joyfully in a world where it can be very hard to do. I have become even more passionate about working with people on letting go of diet mentality and body struggles. Healing is possible for everyone, no matter what size your body is!

I have experienced everything I share. There are no quick fixes; it is a journey. I offer you passion that will support you to connect to who you are. I will be honest, authentic and treat you with the respect you deserve at all times. I will walk alongside you on this journey. I will hold your vision for you in times when it is hard for you. You will find counselling, coaching challenging, interesting, fun and worthwhile.

A frequently asked a question – What is the difference between Counselling and Coaching?
Counselling deals with healing emotional pain and/or conflict within or in relationships.  Making sense of, understanding the past, how you got to where you are now and using that knowledge to strengthen you, whilst healing continues. The growth is often introspective and subtle and happens more on the inside.  The Narrative Therapy approach allows us to respectfully explore what may be possible and how you can move towards a more inspiring future as easily and swiftly as possible.

Coaching works with people who are striving to improve their circumstances in order to enrich their future.  New skills and tools are used to build a more satisfying successful future. The focus is on maximizing strengths that will lead to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. Coaching is future led with specific strategies, plans, actions and accountability for achieving a specified goal.

These approaches are often weaved together depending where we are in the journey.  There is always a sense of moving forwards.

Personal Background

  • Initially worked in private business/administration.
  • Attended Glasgow Caledonian University to study Occupational Therapy.
  • I have worked in various locations in the UK and New Zealand.
  • I have attended/participated In various workshops in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and USA.
  • I moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2003 and which is now home.

My Passions

  • I am passionate about people being who they really are, valuing themselves no matter what. Truly living life from the inside out and feeling fulfilled.  I personally experienced counselling, coaching and creative therapies on a number of occasions and know how it can impact on your life.
  • Healing around food and body for people who have struggled whether in a larger or smaller body is a great passion of mine.
  • I have been interested in wellbeing, including emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical, for many years.
  • I have always worked with people in some capacity to encourage independence. When I worked in administration I carried out voluntary work to fulfill this passion.
  • I love kayaking, walking, Ceroc & Rock’n’Roll dancing, reading, visiting the beach, African drumming, spending time with family and friends.
  • I love having fun, being creative and reminding myself how grateful I am for all I have.
  • I love trying different things and learning. I will pretty much try most things.

From 1995-2013, as an Occupational Therapist, working in mental health, a disordered eating service, hospice and rehab, I have always believed in people’s ability to achieve for themselves.

I know we all have what it takes to live fulfilling lives. It can help to have someone walk along side for a short while to believe in us, as we learn how to believe in ourselves.

Professional Experience

  • Counsellor – Narrative Therapy since 2012:-
    • working with adolescents 13-18 year olds girls
    • private practice – adults & youth
  • Eating Disorder Essentials Course – ACFED – 2016
  • Coaching one to one and groups since 2005.
  • Workshops – Why Make Life Weight.
  • Coaching program DEEP Body Love – international teleclasses.
  • Nourish a program to promote body confidence, self-esteem and critical thinking for young people.
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy.
  • Creative Therapies.
  • Facilitation of Community Education Classes for Adults:-
    • Wellbeing & Mindfulness
    • Assertiveness Skills
    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
    • Wellbeing in the Workplace
    • Be Your Own Life Coach
    • SoulCollage®
  • Previously facilitated a Y’s Girls Programme (11-13 year olds) through the YWCA – to build a community of wise girls who value themselves and have positive body image, now and in the future.
  • Previously facilitated a Y’s Bods Programme (girls 13–18 year olds) through the YWCA – to support development of a positive body image and body satisfaction.
  • Implementation of life balance, wellbeing strategies both as an Occupational Therapist and a Life Coach.
  • Supervision/mentor in Occupational Therapy from 1995 both one to one and groups/peers.
  • Presentations regarding Occupational Therapy and Supervision/Mentoring.
  • Development and implementation of various packages as an Occupational Therapist, for example, dealing with anxiety, developing positive coping mechanisms, stress management, time management, assertiveness etc and also various creativity therapies workshops/groups.


  • New Zealand Association of Counsellors – MNZAC
    • Secretary for Te Tai Tokerau Branch
  • registered provider with Manaia Public Health Oraganisation
  • registered with EAP – Employee Assistance Programme
  • registered partnership with Skylight
  • Australian Center for Eating Disorders – ACFED
  • Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association – ANZATA
  • Creative Therapies Association Aotearoa – CTAA

Qualifications & Certificates

  • Eating Disorder Essentials Course – ACFED
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling – Narrative Therapy
  • BSc in Occupational Therapy
  • Certified Results Coaching Systems (now Neuroleadership) Coach
  • Certifiied Travellers Program Facilitator
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy
  • Creative Therapies
    • Certified Advanced ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
    • SoulCollage® Facilitator and NZ Regional Co-ordinator
    • Certified Master Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach
    • KMCC Certified Modern-Day Muse Group Facilitator
  • Certified Supervisor – WellTec
  • Certified Nourish Facilitator – EDEN
  • Attended various workshops including mentoring/supervision, creative therapies, family systems, Te Titiri O Waitangi, Treaty of Waitangi, wellbeing, mindfulness, etc.
  • Certified Body Trust® Provider candidate