Body Trust Intuition

Going into 2018 with a reminder that ultimately the more we learn to develop the relationship with ourselves and our body the more we will experience the whole range of emotions and contentment. 

Road Trip Returned Body Trust

We constantly get fed by media, diet industry that what we are doing is wrong and we have to diet to attain some kind of body shape, size. We have so much evidence that diets do not work long term and change your body’s physiology and there is another way through. Body Trust. Ultimately it is about tapping back into our intuitive self, connecting with our bodies and being guided by the inner signals.

Body Trust

The notion of body trust is that you start to learn how to eat more intuitively.  The place to start to to honor that you have been on quite a journey and so have many of us.

What’s wrong with me? Learning to trust you!

We get shaped by so many ideas of how we ‘should’ be and what ‘should’ happen that it becomes so confusing. We seek to do the right thing by others, being guided by outside of ourselves and this pattern can begin so early on in childhood from our parents, teachers, friends, movies, stories, media that we believe certain things because so many other people do.

How to Stop Reacting to Assumptions

Recently there seems to be some energy around where quite a few people are reacting to assumptions that are not accurate and what is concerning and a little alarming is that there can be such a conviction in how we sometimes behave and how we use words that do not belong to the other person.