Body Trust® – Embodiment means experiencing all feelings. There has continued to be terrible tragedies as in the recent Florida incident, tornado’s that have devastated so many people’s lives and more.  There are also many wonderful things that happen too.  However, most of us know how to experience those kinds of emotions that go along with feeling, good, joy.  Please let me say that as a counsellor and meeting the incredible people I do these kinds of emotions are not necessarily easy to experience either.

Part of my own journey around Body Trust® – Embodiment and the witnessing of others’ has raised so much more awareness of how much we try not to embody the sad emotions, anger, grief, loss for example, which are absolutely necessary just as the ability to experience, joy, contentment, happiness, fun.

Now we did not decide to do this all by ourselves, oh no.  We have been shaped by so many stories of how girls, women should be and how boys/men should not cry, show emotion because this is weak when in fact it is vital for emotional, psychological and physical health – not just well being but mental health.

We try many ways to avoid the emotions again not our fault we have been taught to be afraid, very afraid and it is our default mechanism from our para sympathetic nervous system – the caveman days of survival or death.  In the avoidance techniques we can develop all kinds of ways to cope in life, mostly they have come from a creative place to survive, to deal with what may have been unbearable and then they can become destructive ways to disconnect from our body to the potential to not have or reduce our ‘Body Trust® – Embodiment’ capabilities.

Eating disorders, binge eating, chronic dieting, use of substances and many other ways, including how society, particularly with the body will have us believe that our body is so wrong for who she/he is just because of a shape, size, colour, which really strengthens that disconnect.  Those judgments are devastating.

I am so proud to embody this powerful paradigm.  This video is a wonderful introduction for what I stand for Be Nourished – Change From A Deeper Place.  I am currently training to be one of their Body Trust® Wellness Providers.  Claiming back Body Trust® – Embodiment in which we can learn to trust our bodies, experience all emotion, accept our bodies for who we are and live this life we were meant to.

From a very grateful Liz who so wants to share this with you because we all deserve it.