Body Trust Intuition is proving to be so interesting.  I have been practicing intuitive eating.  I have been doing some of this already and discovering just how much more I can learn and pay attention to.  Definitely still challenged by the diet mentality and I will be back to this topic in future blogs.

What I have noticed is as we develop intuitive eating we are at the same time developing our intuition, connecting more with our bodies, noticing sensations, feelings, physical aspects that we may not have been attuned to before.  Intuition is phenomenal and part of our ‘package’ of being a human being, body, mind and spirit.

Body TrustIt has been an interesting and hard year this year for a number of reasons.  Old patterns, beliefs triggered from different sources, raised awareness, insights and clarity have been in abundance and so intuitive eating has been quite a challenge and enhanced my intuition in terms of connecting with sensations that tell me that my head is thinking is perhaps not of use and getting carried away or has some accurate and useful information that is worth paying attention to.  Intuition helps me decide and know. .

Feelings, emotions, grief have been around a lot this year.  As has excitement, inspiration, anticipation, exhilaration.  i have a wealth and range of emotions. It is easy for me to tap into the experiences that can be more judging or that are hurtful and that could discount all the other aspects that have been amazing.  Body Trust intuition is so powerful as it frees up the reliability on wanting external influences to tell us we are an ‘ok’ person or not.

This Body Trust is enlightening and in the clarity I have seen dynamics, patterns that do not serve me and so therefore have had to make some changes.  I can now see things for what they are and there has been much grief.  “It is what it is”, is a statement said with compassion and acceptance.  No matter how much I do not want to see what is really occurring, “it really is what it is”.

Previous Blog: What’s Wrong With Me? Learning To Trust You I believe the more we can learn about ourselves in terms of being curious and because we are worthy of learning who we really are without the judgments that accompany some of these stories, the more we embody our body, mind and spirit, the wholeness of being.

This Body Trust intuition has an impact on everything and is so freeing. I have never felt so grounded, even BodyTrustthough the grief feels sore, I know it is a process of letting go and acceptance.  There is no fixing in life, only healing with compassion for self and others with boundaries that support integrity, authenticity and love.

Going into 2018 with the most trust I have ever held, although it does feel ‘wobbly’ at times, it is a truth and freeing.  What has also occurred are attempts to let go of expectations and relationships.  This has been painful.

I wonder how many of us do this, create relationships according to how we see it and get hurt when others are not doing relationships the same and in fact not only are they not the same perceptions, assumptions can be made that are not fact and changes in behaviours occur and may be hurtful without a single word being shared.  This is so sad.  I am grateful that I get to work with others in counselling to ask curious questions with the hope it may expand the lens.

Going into 2018 with a reminder that ultimately the more we learn to develop the relationship with ourselves and our body the more we will experience the whole range of emotions and contentment.  I have had so many amazing experiences this year, meeting incredible people, connecting with dear friends and am thinking of writing a newsletter for 2017 and may post as a blog.  Just really to pinch myself and remind myself how lucky I am.  So thankful and grateful.

From my blog December 2017 – “Welcome To Daylight. Letting Go, Letting Be, Letting In – Happy New Year 2017.”

Wishing you what you hope for in 2018 if it truly serves you and frees you to experience joy.
in gratitude