I have been studying Body Trust® Work now since early 2000’s (you could argue since 1972 as a 10 year old on the first diet) in so many different capacities and different ways and have piloted a group, called DEEP Body Love, have different creative ebooks, worksheets, studied around eating disorders, disordered eating.  Have created groups for youth around body image, building resilience around others who hold opinions about the body, attended workshops for body image and now continuing until April with Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant of Be Nourished (currently participating in their Body Trust® Wellness Provider Certification Training).  My goodness I feel so blessed.

So why then do I at times wonder if I have what it takes?  What I have learned from continuing the professional developing of Body Trust® Work – trust is an embodied practice.  My personal journey has been incredibly immense. I feel so lucky and privileged as alongside this I am for the third time studying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy through an on line excellent course with Russ Harris.

As with any development, change, transitioning and levels of the ‘protective onion’ are peeled away, we are then able to hear, learn, understand and have more clarity. It makes sense that in the bravery, comes doubt, wondering and this is a testament to your being more vulnerable. In fact more layers are taken away and you are getting nearer to who you really are. This needs compassion, compassion, compassion.  I really could write several blogs and perhaps that is what I will do. 🙂

I am humbled and grateful that I meet so many people and no matter what the challenges Body Trust® belongs to us all and the more we embody ourselves, develop our intuition, trust the more we can learn how to sit with who we are and learn the compassion we need to.

The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris talks of the happiness trap myths and I can now so easily see how this impacts on how we feel.  Some may continually feel as if we are failing, shaped by the stories that happiness is in the absence of any feeling, such as anger, sadness, grief, frustration, etc, which are so necessary and part of who we are.  This adds to the way we try not to feel and how we comfort ourselves.

I want people to know that they are NOT failures.  We have all been trying to negotiate this project of life and my goodness the discontentment we feel in our bodies is a testament to who we are, constantly trying to make sense of life and trying to have a better experience of who we are and for some of us we developed coping mechanisms that were so painful and contributed to loss of connection, embodiment and as for the diet industry who cultivates this sense of failure!!  How is it possible that it is a billion dollar business when really they should be out of work if they were successful!I

As I write I see there would be a series of blogs and I can add links to my newsletter.

I am so looking forward to what is to come and grateful that the movement is growing so much.  The movement of not continuing to blame the individual for what occurs with the body, knowing the science, the research, the evidence of how we are shaped and what happens to the physiology of our bodies as a result of dieting.  Add to this the mix of emotional and psychological mechanisms.  We are really quite remarkable, DESPITE the ‘helping’ masses that try to make you feel bad about who you are.  So wrong!

Looking forward to sharing a voice and standing with you and alongside you.  Body Trust® Work.

From Liz who has journeyed some of this.