Body Trust® Be is a radical, authentic paradigm with such integrity in providing services to those who are ready to heal their relationship with food and their body.  People who are ready to leave the diet culture behind, who want to reclaim the world of ‘normal’ eating.

“Body Trust is an invitation to be part of new conversation about bodies, one that nourishes and celebrates who we are and who we can become, including every way we show up in the world. We want you to know we trust your body, regardless of your size. More importantly, we trust you with your body. No exceptions.” Be

I am nearing the completion of the certification training to be a Body Trust® Provider.  One of our activities  was to write a list of what we believe, don’t believe and what we want others to know.  What appeared is a list of beliefs & values that under pin everything I want to offer in my practice and in life, along with what Be stands for.  I was going to create a manifesto for my website, however the Be Manifesto is excellent and what we follow, which I love.

I feel as if my own lists have created D.E.E.P. Body Trust® Values & Beliefs Manifesto, more of a personal one that is so aligned with who I am today in this practice.  There is an emphasis on social justice and a belief that absolutely every ‘body’ deserves dignity and respect.  Below are my lists:

I believe Don’t believe
  • We are all worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.
  • We have a right to be who we are no matter what size, shape, colour, orientation.
  • In possibilities.
  • In hope.
  • In healing
  • Better relationships.
  • There is more than enough in the world.
  • That we all should take responsibility of ourselves.
  • That we are entitled to different views, opinions.
  • That the differences between us can enrich our experiences of life.
  • That we are meant to have our own lived experiences not live like someone else because they think it is a good idea.
  • I believe in honesty and justice.
  • I believe that it is possible to live in a more peaceful way.
  • I believe we can have a far better relationship with ourselves and food.
  • Don’t believe that we have a right to judge others and hurt them because they don’t fit into our ideas.
  • I don’t believe that we should take on the advertising and myths, stories that tell us we are less than so that we can buy things for money.
  • I don’t believe that we need to stay in families that are harmful for us.
  • I don’t believe that we should have a certain body, shape, colour or size to fit into what exactly!!!
  • I don’t believe anyone, not anyone has the right to discriminate and hurt another.
  • I don’t believe in beliefs that hurt others and are controlling.
  • I don’t believe that the experts are always right.

What I want others to know

  • That they can truly develop body trust.
  • They can believe and learn to trust in themselves.
  • That their own values and what matters to them is their true guide, their GPS.
  • That there can be freedom from the tyranny of food.
  • That resilience can be developed.
  • That it is possible to connect to like minded people.
  • That they deserve to live their best live.
  • That their version of life is just fine and belongs to them.
  • That they can define measures of success.
  • That their bodies are incredible and can be their biggest allies.
  • That they have everything they need.
  • That possibilities are endless and there is always a way through.
  • That they can learn to be with all emotions.
  • That they do not have to avoid living life.
  • That there is always a way through and that they are not on their own.
  • That there are many ways through the journey.
  • That not everything will look nice and feel pretty. Sometimes it is ugly and uncomfortable and not pretty and this is life too.
  • The only way through is through.
  • There is a much kinder more compassionate way to experience ourselves and life.

I truly believe in this and am privileged to not only experience this journey but witness it in so many others. Thank goodness for social media in terms of how we get to hear from so many others who have walked their talk and inspire us with what is possible.

D discover what is a value, a belief you hold that serves you, your body?
E empower yourself with 1-3 actions that may serve you, which could include ways of being and not doing.
E emerge in your day, living this value, belief, have it guide your next few moments, day, compassionately.
P play, can you be playful, have fun in how you show up in your world with this, even for a few moments.

Body Trust®

Body Trust®

I love this practice so much.  Check me out if you are ready.

With gratitude
With you