Road Trip – Body Trust – Gratitude
I am so fortunate to be attending the Be Nourished Body Trust Providers Certification Program which continues for 6 months.  I am looking forward to writing many future blogs about Body Trust – intuitive eating, health at any size.

This link gives an idea of what the program entails.  Cannot wait to bring it back to Whangarei, NZ for my counselling, coaching and facilitation practice. One day I can use this logo. Yay!
Body Trust(R) Provider Certification Training Program 

The Road Trip will be absolutely incredible.  I cannot believe how amazing it will be and how much I will be developing my own Body Trust in so many ways, not just around relationships with my body, food but also being a curious journeyer.

I get to go to Portland, Oregon for a few days.  Not only will the training be here but I also get to meet up with one of my heros.  I get to go to Seattle to meet up with a friend and can only imagine the adventures that we will get up to.

Dallas to meet up with a gorgeous creative family and get to play in their ‘arena’ for a short time.  So excited.  I go to Memphis and meet my amazing husband.  We meet friends to go to Graceland.  I continue with them to Nashville, Mississippi, New Orleans, back to Memphis.

How amazing is this trip going to be.  I feel so blessed and so grateful that this is possible for me to do and because of the gift, this gratitude I will make sure I enjoy every moment.  It would be a waste to not respect this gift.

In the past I have felt bad that others have less, that there is so much that is not ok and have found it hard to enjoy what I have or where I am and who I am with.

It was not until I spoke with a very wise woman who shared with me about gratitude many years ago and how to value the gift we are given that I realised to respect what we have is to enjoy it and be present to it.  Everyone has their own journey.

So hence my sharing these incredible gifts and what I know is that I can bring this all back and share all I experience.

This is a beautiful TED Talk with time lapse images of flowers growing, blossoming and opinions of life from the young and the old. Magic.

Gratitude Louie Schwartzberg TED Talk – Nature, Young and Old Opinions – Beautiful

From a grateful Liz
Thank you