I knew that Body Trust would be change me on this ‘road trip’ but could not have imagined just how much.  Body Trust(R) Wellness is what I am working towards personally and professionally, to be one of their certified providers.  My goodness, the title does not even begin to describe the depth of this work and yet it describes everything.  Body Trust.

I have so much to say on this subject and we have 6 months more of study, which has been incredible already and I am only at week 5 after doing a 6 week on line course and a 5 day intensive retreat, plus this continued 6  months.

I am wanting to write this blog because we are nearing the end of November and having so much to say I find that I am struggling with what to write here.

One of the most challenging aspects about road trip returned body trust is that I am so much more aware of body size, shape discrimination and shocked really in just how many people are being treated so badly just because of a body shape, size.  I am so disappointed in how as a people we have been shaped by society as a whole to feel we have a right to judge a shape, size and not even notice a person inside.

No wonder people’s self esteem and confidence can feel so low.  People can believe they are not worthy because of a size, shape, colour.  They may be responding to discrimination and treating themselves poorly because of societies ideas of what a good, acceptable shape, size is.  I know I had done this to myself for years.

I am so looking forward to continuing with the learning and already my counselling practice is better informed and I want to work with so many people who struggle in the body they are in for whatever reason and definitely want to support others regarding how we get off this diet mentality hamster’s wheel.  What I know about most of us who have been on this is we have such strong tenacity to want to experience ourselves differently that we keep trying, not knowing what the alternative is to feel better about who we are no matter what body we are in.

We constantly get fed by media, diet industry that what we are doing is wrong and we have to diet to attain some kind of body shape, size. We have so much evidence that diets do not work long term and change your body’s physiology and there is another way through. Body Trust. Ultimately it is about tapping back into our intuitive self, connecting with our bodies and being guided by the inner signals.

Look forward to so much sharing as I continue on this path to body trust and freedom.  It is tangible, real, possible and challenging but you know the challenge, how about this time it is for true inner peace.

This is one of many tangible ways to connect back to you.  Through Play! 

From a determined