Short Story – Lost blog
This is my last day to write a blog to make sure that I have one a month.  I wrote a blog and lost it.  So frustrating.

I did not want to face this.  I did not want this to be true.  I did not want to have lost the blog but I did and to make sure I had one for September I am writing this.

As a recovering perfectionist, who still holds high standards I wanted to write a blog that was of interest.  So here it is, is my hope.  How many times do we wish that what was happening was not or what had happened did not!  Countless I am guessing but burying our heads in the sand really does not work.

I know I have tried on many occasions, particularly in the past.  So what got me through is getting that this is only a blog, not that important in the scheme of things.  I do not have to do it.  It did not take that long.  I am grateful that I have the ability physically, emotionally and psychologically to be here.

I write from a beautiful home, a gorgeous environment living a life I love.  Kind of puts things into perspective, don’t you think!

Interesting article taking this idea one step further, enjoy.
Why the Universe Keeps Giving You What You Don’t Want

Creatures that bury their head in the sand | Daily Planet You Tube 2.13 mins.  Enjoy.

From a relieved Liz who mostly does  not  bury her head in the sand.