SoulCollage® is a simple process that is creative and fun, which suddenly may surprise and awaken you!

SoulCollage® is an empowering creative method of self exploration and integration of our inner parts and insights.  Tap into your intuition and creativity to realize your hopes and dreams whist healing and freeing your ‘stuck points’.

“The Soul speaks to us through images.” Seena Frost, founder of SoulCollage®

Express the various parts of your Being through this intuitive, fun and empowering process. Let your creations share their personal meaning with you through a very simple interactive method. Use your cards for accessing inner wisdom, for daily guidance, or simply as an avenue of self-expression.

SoulCollage® can be used in many ways including in counseling, coaching and in groups, workshops and retreats.  One the most fun ways of using SoulCollage® is to create your own personal deck of cards.

I run regular groups of 6 in The Shed and can do these in your home, work place and can travel. Let me know if this is something you are interested in.

Below is a link to the official website – enjoy.

SoulCollage(R) Coaching

  • 60 minute coaching conversations
  • Create a SoulCollage(R) card, used to coach with
  • Personalized follow up emails
  • Inspiration and motivation along the journey
  • Minimum 4 sessions required to create a suit & coaching

My fee is $60 for students/unwaged, $80 for personal, $100 for couples and $100 for business

SoulCollage(R) Create Suit One to One

  • 60 minute teaching/coaching conversations, all materials provided.
  • Create at least one of the four suits SoulCollage(R) card each week.
  • Personalized follow up emails.
  • Inspiration and motivation along the journey.
  • Minimum 5 sessions required to create a suit.

My fee is $60 for students/unwed, $80 for personal, $100 for couples and $100 for business.