As a supervisor since 1995 and a Narrative and an Acceptance & Commitment Therapist, with an 18 year experience through Occupational Therapy and neuroleadership coaching since 2005, I offer supervision to support ethical and effective services to clients/staff with focus on wellbeing, negotiating resources, dealing with conflicts, time management,  dealing with multiple clients, working in organisations or private practice and development of Allied Health Professionals.

Discover what really matters to you, what you value and what works for you both in a Professional and Personal context.

Please see About Liz to view Passions, Professional Experience, Qualifications & Certificates.   I am also guided by Ethical Premise and Values.

I also offer supervision for Body Trust® work, disorded eating, including Body Image/Body Acceptance challenges.

Body Trust® is a healing modality a way out of the repetitive patterns of dieting, disordered eating and weight cycling that is fueled by body shame. Body Trust® is informed by Health at Every Size®, social justice and intersectional feminism, intuitive eating principles, shame resilience theory, motivational interviewing, self-compassion theory, relational cultural theory, mindfulness-based approaches, and post-modern therapeutic thought.  See Be Nourished Manifesto for what guides this practice.

Conversations are 60 minutes

  • $60 Student/Part Time
  • $100 Full Time
  • $120 Business
  • Group supervision – rates negotiated.

 Conversations occur in person in a peaceful room in Maunu, Whangarei, New Zealand.

I offer conversations via Skype or Zoom for those at a distance.

Supervision Experience and Qualifications
Qualified as an Occupational Therapist in Glasgow, Scotland 1995, continued supervising from this time to present day. Supervision occurs for people in various roles/disciplines within the Allied Health Profession including non government organisations and the private sector.

Participated on a number of working groups to offer training, develop protocols/standards for supervision.

  • 2005 & 2010 – Supervisor training workshop with Reflective Model of Supervision (2000). Northland Health preferred model.
  • 2005 – Certificate in supervision – Wellington Institute of Technology.
  • 2006 – certified as a Life Coach with Results Coaching Systems – curriculum included raising of awareness, education, how to ask reflective questions, mirror back, follow through, facilitate change, support a person to access own resources, including self reflection.
  • 2008 – Mentor’s Tool Box, WHOA to Go model.
  • 2010 – Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach – curriculum similar to Results Coaching Systems, including strategies to over come blocks; such as procrastination, overwhelm, self sabotage, 10 tools that assist change and progression, reflections on balance used. These tools are constantly utilised in supervision.
  • 2010 – attended supervision conference Auckland 

Types of approaches and models used in supervision : 

  • Reflective Model of Supervision – Alyson Davys, 2000
  • Supervision Process: Six Modes of Supervision – Hawkins and Shohet, 1989
  • TAPES Model – Theory, Assessment, Parallel Process, Ethics, Strategies – Petruska Clarkson, 1989
  • WHOA Model – framework for mentoring sessions -NZ Mentoring Centre 2004
  • Results Coaching Systems
  • Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching

Practice Area, Knowledge and Skills: 

  • Counselling – private practice
  • Counselling -School Guidance Counselling (3 years) & Private Practice
  • Disordered eating, body image/body acceptance – Youth & Adult
  • Gender Diversity – Transgender/third gender
  • Mental Health – in patient, community, acute & chronic – UK/NZ
  • Physical disability – rehabilitation through vocational or educational computer training – UK
  • Worked with the elderly – community – UK
  • Worked on dementia ward – UK
  • Hospice – UK
  • Assessment and Rehab ward – NZ
  • Community Assessment & Rehabilitation Service, rehabilitation, habilitation, return to work, school etc, driving screenings – NZ
  • Needs Assessor for ACC – NZ
  • Driver Assessor for ACC – NZ
  • Needs Assessor and Service Co-ordinator for NorthAble (not as an OT) – NZ.
  • Fieldworker for Motor Neurone Disease Association – NZ
  • Supervisor/mentor – UK/NZ
  • Life Coach since 2006
  • Workshops
  • Presentations

Client Testimonials
Supervision with Liz is like Forrest Gump’s Box of Chocolates, I never know what I’m going to get, but I do know that the outcome will be good. Liz has integrity, professionalism, a wide knowledge base and humour that she combines to draw out the threads I bring to supervision and with patience she supports me and challenges me as I reweave my thoughts and practises. I leave each session feeling heard and my path forward is clearer.
Kate Caughley

I am privileged to have Liz Gow as my supervisor. I have been in supervision for the majority of my professional life (close to 20 years now), and am finding clinical supervision with Liz to be among the best I have experienced. Liz has a way of allowing me to find the answers myself, whilst gently challenging my perspectives. Supervision with Liz enables me to achieve, sustain and creatively develop a high quality of practice through the means of focussed support and development. I am encouraged to critically reflect and am validated and supported as a person and as a professional. Liz is a highly skilled communicator, and passionate about what she does. It shows.
OT – Non DHB

I am very grateful for the 3 years or so of professional supervisionwith you, Liz. I valued your light hearted but very sincere approach and passion for supervision! In reflecting on professional skills, strengths and challenges there was always very constructive encouragement. In looking at self-cares I felt able to go deeply into issues, which is not always possible in my experience of supervision. Always something valuable to go away with, including a sense of satisfaction. I appreciated the variety of techniques we used for reflection. It was also easy to leave when I needed to. What more could anyone want!

I have been attending supervision with Liz for approximately 2 years. Throughout this time my sessions have been relevant to me as an individual and also targeting my work as a Director and a clinician. Liz has a vast range of tools to utilise when reviewing different issues and uses her therapeutic use of self to great advantage in a supervision environment.
OT private practice